A next generation of decentralized storage application platform

white paper


Smart Contract

  Smart contract enables you to build your own decentralized applications.

POC consensus

Fair to everyone, environment friendly, energy conservation.

High TPS

High TPS to support multiple dapps, at 8000 TPS in lab testing.

miners community to provide the hashrate to earn their profit.
hard core developers, most of them are early bitcoin/burst developers.
fans over 13 countries to support the project.


Some questions about Spock

A1: The cost is not high! Many PCs have unused disk space. The marginal cost of using these spaces for mining is small, with immediate rewards and can be used for mining. It is not necessary to consider the cost of electricity as a bitcoin mining machine.
A2: The distribution is mainly for mine mining. When the miners set up the reward distribution as the mine pool, the miners are equivalent to inform the network mine pool to take over the miners’ block rewards, that is, when the original block rewards, they are assigned to the miners. The account that is now assigned to the pool, and if the deadline is received from the miners, the pool is responsible for packing the blocks.
A3: SPOK is the name of the basic circulation unit within the Spock ecosystem and is the only commercial and financial delivery deadline. In addition to recording account balances and payments, SPOK can also be applied to smart contracts within the system.SPOK has a total of 4.2 billion, consisting of 8% of open pre-mined and 92% of POC+POS mining mechanism.
A4: Spock Network is a decentralized storage platform. In the early stage, Spock Network mainly stores Proof of Capacity (POC) consensus data to effectively utilize the most suitable decentralization technology to encourage miners providing hard disk space. At the same time, on this basis, the support of smart contracts has also been added to support decentralized applications and POC-type tokens. In the future, the data stored in the Spock Network will support documents in any format such as documents, videos, and images, and truly fulfill the ideal of making block chain technology beneficial to everyone.
A5: Spock is the leading charactor in the American classic sci-fi series Star Trek. This character represents rationality, justice, and the courage to explore the unknown. We chose Spock as the project name to encourage the team's keep exploration of the new possibilities of the blockchain.